Importance Of Law

for understanding of law we all have to understand what law is and how it will use . in the topic of law  we have to understand the structure of indian judiciary and aebitration , human rights ,legal professionalism ,legal services , international context , legal maxims etc we all have tro understand our legal rights as well as our human rights without law we will face exploitation and destruction only there are two types of law first is common law and civil law and in our country common law is impleamented the difference in both laws is that in civil law only legislature and executive can make laws and in common law along with legislature and executive even judiciary can also make laws and if we talk about the hiearchy of courts in india so there are 3 organs of goverment first  one is legislative second one is executive  third one is judiciary and last but not the least we will talk about court levels in india fiest is supreme court which is also called as apex court second is high court (state level highest court ) at present there are (25) high courts in india third is district court and last one is munsiff court

5 june 2024

By -Nandani

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